Business Strategy post COVID-19

Business Strategy Post COVID-19 Read on , if your strategy is merely for survival, post this pandemic. We think you can grow better after this. After scanning the predictions from various management thinkers and consulting agencies, there are many scenarios which are...

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

OEE scores provide a very valuable insight – an accurate picture of how effectively your manufacturing process is running. And, it makes it easy to track improvements in that process over time.

Low-cost Predictive Maintenance Solution

According to the Forbes magazine’s 9 future predictions for a post coronavirus World, “Companies will have to force contactless interfaces and interactions, create strong digital infrastructure, better monitoring using IIoT solutions and Big Data, increase reliance on automation and will need to introduce more digital innovation.” And the fact is, all of the above will be influenced by artificial intelligence (AI). And thus, keeping the future of the MSME sector in mind, TDI has been working on our new project, on the concepts of Industry 4.0 and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

“A real-time application for Machine Monitoring in manufacturing will offer the opportunity to improve its resource and energy efficiency, the application will be helpful in Condition Monitoring and management systems thus will be a key feature in Predictive Maintenance, powered byAI and Machine Learning, the whole process will be fully automated and low cost. “

World’s top consulting firms are worried that the market crash is going to be worst, maybe similar to World War 2, and, from the life cycle engineering point of view, improving energy and resource efficiency has been the key strategy to improve sustainability in manufacturing, always. I hope, we will be helpful. Wish us luck!

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