Indian manufacturing sector depends on hiring casual workers for its production planning. However, we all know that contract or casual workers have some issues which is a routine problem for all of us.

In order to solve this challenge, we used AI to raise warning in case your worker is performing at a speed less than required. such interventions can automate your production , best part is this software can work even for packaging, labelling, packing, whatever be the task of your workers, we can analyse their rate of doing it and present the same to you in easy to use excel format.

We think production needs instant action, so instead of waiting for production manager to give caution to workers , our voice enabled software can give advice/ cautions to workers instantly , this system instills the belief in workers that they are being watched and reduces following issues of:

  1. Slow rate of work
  2. idle gossips on shop floor
  3. frequent breaks
  4. theft cases are reduced as they now know that intelligent system is catching their hand movements
  5. Floor supervisor gets more time to focus on quality and other activities rather than focusing on time keeping.

Product is robust and can perform in all conditions and temperature, comes with full warranty for 1 year.

For Demo you may contact : Sanjeev Sharma ( Our Authorised Dealer for Uttrakhand) at +91-6399935149

Authorised Dealer
HS Enterprises, Haridwar


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