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How to increase sales?

Sales is going down across all sectors, as per our own analysis on many companies in SIDCUL Haridwar, 70% of MSME units in SIDCUL Haridwar and other industrial areas like Rudrapur SIDCUL, and most small and medium enterprises are  facing risk of bankruptcy.

Most companies or commercial shops, malls etc are also facing risk of closing down , and chances of business development are very less.  We understand that making money in business is like buying lottery ticket.

What are the main challenges in front of businessmen today?

1- Fixed Expenses like electricity bill (UPCL) and any other state electricity bill has not been reduced by government. rent of factory outlet and other such fixed expenses are not reduced .

2- Work orders have gone down, sales is dipping .

3- Payments are coming late leading to acute shortage of working capital.

4- Inventory purchase or raw material purchase needs ready cash, which is adding additional burden on shopkeepers and businessmen from SIDCUL Haridwar and any other location where MSME sector is working.


Can we increase the demand?

Yes, sales always depends on “How many people are aware about your offerings?”

Since most consumers are not going to market due to Corona virus, apart from that there are many people who’s salary has been cut, big companies like Amazon , Alibaba etc are “Eating away” your sales.

How can your small brand compete with Amazon or other very big B2B or B2C portals?

We have done heavy research on Digital Marketing Trends since 2016 and we understand how you can specifically target consumers. Most businesses focus on creating a business page on Google or Facebook and wish to promote their products there, serious buyers don’t buy from facebook or google. They use Google search engine to find best products and there your website doesn’t show up.

TDI Model of Digital Marketing is way too different from what any other digital company can offer you , check out our work below




Their approach is very unique , it shows how smartly they understood our target segment( Dairy plant machines ) and targetted it towards most promising customers. TDI team is indeed miles ahead in execution.

Rajesh Sharma

CEO, Mc Fab Engineering

Identifying PMF

Product Market Fit – Algorithm at TDI helps know exactly what are the chances of selling your product “under current market scenario”.

TDI uses database of 1.6 Million companies and scans web for your products probablity of generating sales. We use advanced Machine Learning models to predict this.

Making Buyer Persona

Our highly scientific models help us carve out a unique “buyer Persona” that helps us understand how and what kind of language, keywords, page names, color palette  and images should be used to influence buyers and attract higher traffic on your site. Appropriate buying triggers and CTA(Call to Action) is used here.

Beta Testing

We trust data. We have highly objective evaluation method to test improvement in traffic, and do testing on all changes made to your existing site or newly made site and share all results with you.

If required, and results are not upto the mark, we repeat step 2 ( again and free of charge)

Launch Site

We keep evauating your site performance for 30 days post handing over to you and constantly monitor key metrics ( page load speed, robots.txt, visitors count, any other techincal parameter that can impact site performance.

Final Reviews

As a start up we love solving real and hard problems, more than your payment, we love your feedbacks, be it positive or negative, in the last phase we always suggest you openly let us know about feedback.

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