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World Class Developers

Our core developers are certified Stanford professionals in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

1- Mayank Dhiman – (4 years Experience , Stanford Certified)

B.Tech from THDC Engineering College, throughout topper in his career decided to join TDI in year 2017. Today he is a respected contributor to all projects and is active on many coding platforms, like Kaggle , Quora, stackexchange. He has on his own worked on many advanced Algorithms which include GAN ( Generative Adversarial Networks) . He is fluid coder in Python, Java , SQl and also is comfortable in making android apps.

2- Adrian  Munguia – (20 Years Experience)

I am a recognized artificial intelligence (AI) expert with 20 years of experience creating solutions and business success in Health Care, Manufacturing, Automation, Defense, Marketing, and more.

SWE, DL, ML, CV, AI, OOA/OOP, Agile.


▶️ I help people build AI-intensive products.
▶️ I help companies solve difficult problems with the right algorithms and AI approaches.
▶️ I help companies hire, train, and structure in-house AI teams.
▶️ I advise governments looking to embrace AI and assist decision-making, provide knowledge, difficult to obtain know-how, support from a world-class team, and access to many key resources from organizations around the world!


With anyone looking to learn, teach, adopt, or implement AI successfully in:

▶️ Healthcare
▶️ Retail & E-commerce
▶️ Fintech
▶️ Logistics and Transportation
▶️ Manufacturing
▶️ Defense
▶️ Law Enforcement
▶️ Entertainment, Gaming or Marketing


▶️ Working with me will get you the most efficient, effective, transparent, and cost-effective AI services comprised of R&D and product-oriented engineering, AI models that meet client specs and professionally engineered and deployable software.


▶️ I am the only AI resource around that has 20 years of industry success as part of innovative startups and world-famous Fortune 500 companies.

▶️ Contributed important CV inventions leading to US patents: 9177225, 9336459, 9317778.

▶️ Skilled problem-solver with an accurate sense of the algorithms that need to be improved, and the CV and ML approaches to be modified to meet contractual rates and obtain customer sign-off.

3- Abhishek Vidyarthi ( Stanford Certified Ai and ML , 2018)  

His strength is less of coding and more of understanding the behavior side of Technology, curious about the way people consume technology makes him leagues ahead in understanding clients key issues, be it about rolling out new product, or business process change. Abhishek always tries to match User interface with end consumer . He focuses on cost reduction and guides entire operations to deliver world class projects to clients both in B2B segment and B2C segment.

You can trust us on quality and Price.

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