Anti-theft Car Security Solution

“Honestly, it feels awesome, when you sit on your driver seat and new gleaming car dashboard screen pops up a message AUTHENTICATED and then instantly your engine starts. Isn’t that mind-blowing”

At TDI, we believe there is no science fiction, whatever can be thought of can be achieved, with this mindset, we developed a gadget for you, its called “TOMHAWK”.

TOMHAWK Features:

  • Can remember faces, so it’s either you or someone whom you have allowed, no other person can drive your car!!
  • Even if thief opens the door and tries to start the car, it won’t start. Here is the best part, even if he cuts the ignition button wires and joins them as they show in movies, he would not be able to still start the car.
  • TOMHAWK unfortunately can’t support all models available, to check whether you can use it or not, please use the SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY FORM BELOW.
  • Comes with 8 MP Infrared Camera, which can detect face in real dark situations easily.
  • You can easily turn off TOMHAWK by putting your password, through touch screen. So it’s up to you when you want this feature to work.
  • We provide heavy duty configuration and our TFT screen displays image even in broad day light.

Technical Specifications:

  • 8 MP Infrared Camera
  • Perfect for Low light imaging.
  • Supports 1080p, 720p and 480p video
  • Uses Sony IMX219PQ image sensor – high-speed video imaging and high sensitivity
  • Comes preloaded with our State of the Art, Face Recognition Algorithm having 99.38% accuracy.

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