ALM or Assembly Line Manager is designed to help manufacturers achieve the following objectives :

1- Know who is efficient worker/workers in your plant

2- Helps in production planning and forecasting

3- Reducing your machine running time, thereby saving maintenance cost

4- Helps in optimizing production cost

5- Screen or allocate resources to various assembly line set up by using benchmark set by you or by intelligent analytics in ALM.

6- Leads to great reduction in overtime and this saves lot of cost.

ALM – is based on scientific concept of time and motion study used by most big corporations, however due to such software being very costly most MSME are not able to use such tools , but TDI has used advanced VIDEO ANALYTICS along with ANOMALY DETECTION algorithms to arrive at best results.

It comes with very easy to use and intuitive interface and can update management in real time about various key metrics like:

1- Do we need to increase or decrease assembly line speed.

2- Historical trends of efficiency

3- Day end projected production numbers.

4- Your entire working staff gets ranked automatically as low, medium and high efficiency bucket , which may help in mix and match strategy.

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