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78% business owners want to use latest    tech, but are not comfortable with highly techincal details of software sites.

Starting New Business

How to start new business ? Using technology like websites, making your own app to remove business risk and undestanding what kind of technology can avoid causes of business risk.

Big Thinkers

You have an idea but are with very low budget, TDI is the only firm which supports such #Thinkers and we help them make such products, be it apps, websites or plain softwares.

IR or Technical Teams

FAQ : Straight to the point infomation on your expected questions, are here along with Product Technical details and Product Features.

Join TDI

We are Best Software development company  in SIDCUL Haridwar. We invite #Original thinkers to join us, if you have #OutOfthebox thinking and love #mathematics, We are GodSend for you.

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