Broad Spectrum AI Solutions

Solutions starting with ONLY 40,000 INR!!

Collaboration with the USA, Mexico, and China.

We use AI and Machine Learning to solve specific problems of manufacturing units

  • Line Balancing
  • Optimum Production
  • Reducing Downtime
  • Bottleneck Utilization
  • Discipline Casual Workers**
  • Time and Motion Study
  • Reduce theft
  • Secure critical areas
  • Catch offenders
  • Reduce accidents
  • foolproof security
We create highly PRACTICAL cost effective solutions by closely understanding your issues be it

  • Your Budget
  • Your Timelines
  • Inputs from various departments
  • Culture & Legal boundations

Improve your car security with our new AI Dash Cams learn more…


Your Employee’s unaccounted breaks and unaccounted efficiency is causing you money.


You have already installed CCTV worth lakhs but they can’t prevent the Miss-Happening.


AI is for sure, going to capture the market. With every other company relying on Data Analysis, you would have to adapt soon. WHY NOT NOW?

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