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We’re an Indian software development company focused to provide ,artificial intelligence software development services to all. 3+ years in business & 10+ developers strong, we have worked with startups, small businessmen, digital agencies and enterprises to help simplify their business process, leverage our outsourcing experience and reduce costs/time-to-market.

Planning to outsource software development services? Or would you like to hire an offshore software development team? Get in touch with us.

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Do you think Images on Left are real people?
Do you think Images on Left are real people?
Do you think Images on Left are real people?

Our Vision

Affordable Ai Solutions For All

Our Mission

Strive for making cheaper Ai and Machine Learning Solutions, by focusing on Innovation .

Our Values

Integrity – We maintain professionalism and safeguard your information/data.

Fairness – Our pricing model is 100% transparent , we ensure you stay long term with us.

Quality – Even when clients don’t understand the techincal aspects, we educate them and ensure we give them best possible solution at fair price.

Innovation – We are not afraid of making mistakes, but we do that with our own money !

Why Us?

Straight to the point. We will save your TIME and MONEY both.

How we deliver unmatched performance?

1- Removing ambiguity around project

2- Coding the solution.

TDI doesn’t invest time in sending you peppy powerpoints and all, we send you results . We work hard to find what will make you happy, and then all we do is make that thing. simple.

How  we work is best described below:

Best Software Development Model

Communication Model by TDI

Outsourcing software development to TDI means peace of mind. As one of the top Artificial Intelligence Software  outsourcing companies, we stay on schedule, scale the teams and ensure product quality. Even when working remotely with us, you have flexibility, and full control over the project just like your in-house team.

Here are some other reasons that make us one of the top software development companies in India.

  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Innovative solutions
  • Low Cost Gurantee or Money Back.

Some General Questions From Clients

We have jotted down the common questions which frequently come to an individual’s mind

What are the advantages of hiring IT outsourcing companies?

When you take services from an IT outsourcing company, you add more value to your business. You hand over your development tasks to them and focus more on your core business. Moreover, you save your development cost and time.

Why Indian software outsourcing companies are highly preferred worldwide?

India has become a pool of highly skilled software developers who are available at very affordable prices. Moreover, India’s friendly government policies for IT outsourcing make it a preferred place for global clients.

How to choose the right one from a pool of Indian IT outsourcing companies?

There are a few parameters you can focus upon-
1) Years of experience
2) Technologies they work on
3) Work hours and culture & Values
4) Their past project works 

Will my data be safe if I partner with TDI?

As a recognised Indian software outsourcing company, we give high preference to data security. We make sure to sign an NDA before project on-boarding. This ensures your data privacy and project secrecy.

What are the common engagement models Software outsourcing companies offer?

As a software outsourcing company, we offer the following engagement models.
1) Dedicated team hiring- When you require dedicated attention towards your project a dedicated team is preferred.
2) Hourly model- If you have short term projects with time lapses, then hourly model works for you.
3) Fixed price- If you have a pre-defined and well planned project then fixed cost model fits in.

Ai for Businesses


78% business owners want to use latest    tech, but are not comfortable with highly techincal details of software sites.

Starting New Business

How to start new business ? Using technology like websites, making your own app to remove business risk and undestanding what kind of technology can avoid causes of business risk.

Idea to business

You have an idea but are with very low budget, TDI is the only firm which supports such #Thinkers and we help them make such products, be it apps, websites or plain softwares.

Why Us?

FAQ : Straight to the point infomation on your expected questions, are here along with Product Technical details and Product Features.

Join TDI

We are Best Software development company  in SIDCUL Haridwar. We invite #Original thinkers to join us, if you have #OutOfthebox thinking and love #mathematics, We are GodSend for you.

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