Think Dignity International



TDI was started by generous capital support offered by Late Mr. Om Narayan Vidyarthi , As a leader with one of top PSU’s in India., BHEL he had real hands on experience with handling people and he knew it that good things take time.

TDI was started with his blessings and extremely positive outlook of situations and sadly the first contract of TDI was allotted the day, when he was in hospital and his son Abhishek Vidyarthi shared the news with him, he was very happy and calm, and he said to him, “Don’t stop me now, I will leave today.

While Abhishek Vidyarthi was not sure, why his father commented this, but as fate had written, it happened, he passed away peacefully on December 20th, 2020.

What followed after this is a company that started out of extremely strong value systems. TDI stands for its commitment, Quality and Business Ethics, and love for solving real life problems.

We missed making payments to our employees on time, we missed some contracts too and we accepted lower amounts to no amount for work we did, but we never compromised with values and quality.

With past 2 years of intensive grilling by time, our Engineers were forged to strength and mental fortitude to make things work, we take pride in saying, we managed to deliver solutions to some of the toughest problems in computer vision & Lidars. TDI focussed on core concepts to make a strong company that hires very selectively, we hire people even from non-technical streams, this drives Thinking out of the Box at the company. We invested close to 4 years purely on mathematical reasoning and framing of right questions that guide the development of state-of-the-art solutions.

TDI is typically an R&D company that offloads your cost of development of new solution significantly. “Got An Idea, get It done! “Aptly summaries the core Mission of TDI. We have delivered solutions to clients wherein their actual cost of developing same software would have been at-least 3X.

We hire people from around the world and this brings cross pollination of ideas to the table, as a diverse culture company TDI easily syncs with International clients from Sweden, India, USA, and Indonesia.