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Think Dignity International TDI firmly adheres to Business Ethics and ensures we fulfil following values in our conduct.

  • BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS: One of the top most concerns for us in any project is to go beyond obvious and deliver business value driven “Features” in our offerings, while this is not something that we can promise on day1 to anyone, however internally we keep aligning Features of our software around your process flow, so that you end up getting more ROI for your projects.
  • ORIGNALITY & CLARITY: We prefer to deploy fast and then improve, rather than deploy never and keep improving. We learned that hard way , since 2017 TDI has worked on extremely tough problems of LLM’s, Chatbots Computer Vision, GAN’s and lately LIDARS, ROBOTICS and even Thermal Images. We THINK about solutions with perfect synchronization with quality of your data.
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Autogen powered Chatbot

Ai-Interviewer will replace conventional interviews as per estimate from global consulting giants like Mckinsey, E&Y , Dun & Bradstreet. Around 40% of hiring will be done by Ai by the end of 2024.

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 ANPR project was successfully deployed at BALCO, in this case, we had to detect hand painted number

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Core Competencies

  1. LLM’s , Chatbots
  2. conversational bots, Autogens, AGI
  3. Computer Vision
  4. ios apps
  5. Generative Ai [SD, SDXL, Gans]
  6. FastAPi,Flask, node.js,Panel, Sreamlit, Gradio
  7. CUDA Kernels

TDI's tech stack

  1. Python,Swift,js,react,react native,R
  2. tensorflow,Pytorch,
  3. AWS,GCP,Azure,AWS-CDK
  4. Numpy, Pandas, Transformers,Bitsandbytes,LoRA
  5. Dialogflow,SalesForce, Voiceflow,claude,Pinecone,weaviate,Qdrant
  6. Owasp, LLM Attack ,Prompt Engineering
  7. Models: Mistral,llama2,Llama, Falcon,Bloke,SBERT
  8. SaaS/Cloud 


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LLM & Chatbots
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Computer Vision
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